Security Guard Training

Security guards are needed in many different venues across the country and around each state, from shopping malls, to offices, concerts, schools and apartment buildings, and even electrical distribution sites and nuclear power plants. Almost any place that draws a large amount of people, or has a resource which needs protection, requires security guards to be present and active.

Security guards can work in the private sector (for individuals or private companies etc.) or may work in the public sector such as at an airport or in shopping centers. Some of the areas which requires security guards that people often forget about are power plants, gas companies, and other places where society's resources are stored and distributed. Also, security guards are needed at special events, spectator sport events and especially campaign events across the country. Without security guards working in these areas we would have many more instances of crime and chaos in public areas, and resources in the country would go unprotected.

Security guards act as a way to maintain law and order in areas where lots of people gather or many people filter through on a daily basis; they also serve to protect property in many different venues. In some ways they act as a barrier which prevents instances occurring that would require police involvement. Security guards are an extremely vital part of how our society runs in a relatively safe manner.

Perhaps you have been thinking about this profession for a while, or maybe you are just beginning your search into the possibility of security guard training. No matter what brought you to this site, we are glad you found it. Our hope is to provide relevant information about the security guard training process, training requirements, where to find classes, and how to find a job as a security guard, to any persons wishing to learn more about this noble career. This site contains information on such items as Guard cards, PERC cards, security gear, security classes, botharmed security and unarmed security, security officers, security licenses, as well as information on security training, requirements, and jobs in all cities. We hope this information will assist you on your way to reaching whatever your security guard goals are, as well as equipping you with the needed knowledge regarding aspects of the job, training, and different certification or licenses.

Most common industries which hire security guards to perform these duties:


» General Medical and Surgical Hospitals

» Elementary and secondary schools

» Traveler accommodations (airports, hotels, resorts etc.)

» Local government buildings, offices, people

» Other business office buildings and their people

» Event staff at large gatherings such as concerts or seminars

» Spectator sports

» Banks

» Electrical power generation, transmission and distribution plants

» Natural Gas distribution locations

» Rail transportation

» Performing arts companies

» Apartment complexes, care homes, and gate communities

» Private individual residents and people