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SSIS is a one stop solution for all general house-keeping, facility management, and pantry services and office support staff. The company caters to the needs of offices & residences on contract basis. We offer a comprehensive range of services that can be tailor made to suit your Requirements. The range of options available in our home and office maintenance Services for the clients include:

Sweeping of Floors

All tiles, terrazzo or concrete floors, landings, corridors, back Entrance, fire exists, main and rear stairways and other common Exists shall be swept with brush or broom.

Mopping of Floors

Mopping is carried on almost all floors except the quarry tiles, Carpeted floors.

Cleaning of Toilets

The work includes cleaning of plumbing fixtures, tiles, Wash basins, urinals, commodes, dispenser, doors, and stall Partitions, filing of paper, deodorizer and soap dispenser.

Odor Control Services

Identifying and determining the types and sources of unwanted Odors, controlling and removal of bad odors.

Cleaning of Carpet

Carpets are cleaned with a heavy duty vacuum cleaner to remove All sand, dirt, fibrous matter, textile or any other foreign matter From the surface of body of the carpet.

Cleaning of Interior Wall

All interior painted walls, partitions, doors, columns, screens, Ceiling, surfaces and window rims shall be dusted and cleaned Thoroughly and shall maintain uniformly clean appearance free From dirt, streaks, lint and cleaning marks.

Dusting Services

Dusting and cleaning of furniture and fixtures, dusting of table tops, Wood paneling and overall cleaning of specified areas. Removal of Stains from table tops and walls, where washable. Cleaning of lights And Air conditioner vents, fans, lights, panel strips, artifacts if any. Cleaning underneath of assets and behind movable furniture.

Waste Disposal Services

Includes collection of garbage, segregation as the requirement of the industry and disposal of garbage.

Cleaning Equipment's:


» Dry Mopping System vacuum Cleaner Scrubbing Machine

» Wet Mopping System Bucket Glass Duster

» Spray Bottle Scraper Soft Broom

» Cobweb Stick Mug Detergent

» Duster Scotch Brute Swab Duster

» Toilet Roll Sinecures/ Odonil

» Liquid Soap

» Wringer Trolley Hand Gloves Face Mask.